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My One Political Note:

I’m voting for Mitt Romney. 

People 18 to 22 that are in college (like me!) studying up and wanting that great job when you get out. You completely have a right to love Obama and the whole “I’m gonna give you free everything and erase your student loans forever!” but lets have a quick reality check, that job your waiting for WON’T EXIST with him in office. Because employers will totally take a 35-40 year old person seeking a job in your same field that has years more experience over you anyday honey. That’s the cold hard law of jungle. And since I’d like one of those great jobs, you know like a real job, preferably one that doesn’t involve me saying “may I take your order please” and “what kind of tip was that?!?”. Because that’s not gonna support a family. Heck, all of us will be living with our parents till we’re 30 at this rate alone.

Be wise guys. Don’t let rumors and lies that tickle your fancy become your truth. Don’t let that overrun the FACTS. Just on the economy alone, lets bring in common sense! If you spend more than you take in that equals DEBT. So guess what, Obama’s plan of Obamacare taxes and even more spending, don’t equal less DEBT. That equals more. So sorry.

And to the person that called me a racist for not wanting to vote for Obama just because I’m white and he happens to be black, shows how informed you really are, since from what you told me about why you won’t vote for Romney would imply major bigotry since you’re refusing to vote for someone because they’re Mormon. So careful before you swallow your foot dearie. Because me not voting for Obama has nothing to do with his color. I’m not voting for him because he’s decimating our economy, weakening our military, apologizing to our enemies and is a general embarrassment to our country. So I’m voting for Mitt Romney.

Now you can disagree with me, you can be upset, you think whatever you want, but let me share a piece of advice with you:

OPEN YOUR EYES. Please. Look at the facts, go read EVERYTHING, hear every side. Don’t just listen to the media and believe every word. Because if you do vote based just on superficial judgments, SHAME ON YOU. Now if you’ve done all the research, ON BOTH candidates, and you still vote Obama, I can gather some understanding. Otherwise, don’t be stupid. Don’t be shallow. And don’t just go with the flow. 

Be informed.

This is our Country, our Nation at stake. Heck i’d even wager our safety at this point. Not some silly popularity contest.


A concerned, informed, 20 year old college student

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! MALEC HAS ARRIVED PEOPLE! (now I wish we could get a pic of them actually standing together but a first glimpse is a first glimpse, no complaints) YAAAAAAAYYY! So many feels……


Magnus and Alec! By popular demand, Kevin Zegers hand and Godfrey Gao’s. You can tell which is which by the glitter polish… (Taken with Instagram)

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